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About Artisan Crafts / Hobbyist Ludwig BeilschmidtMale/United States Group :icontheallhetalians: TheAllHetalians
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I got tagged by :icondragonzzzz4lyf: Here goes~

1.) Real Name: Can't say
2.) Nicknames: K, Kat, and Kit
3.) Zodiac Sign: Leo
4.) Male or Female: Nonya
5.) Nursery:  Don't remember
6.) Primary School: Nevermind
7.) Secondary School: Nevermind
8.) Hair Colour: Brownish reddish blondish mix
9.) Long or Short: Medium
10.) Loud or Quiet: Depends on where I am.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
12. Phone or Camera: Camera
13.) Health Freak: Only with certain things
14.) Drink or Smoke: None
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Do fictional characters count?
16.) Political orientation: Not sure
17.) Piercings: Nope
18.) Tattoos: None

19.) Airplane: Yes but when I was very little
20.) Car: Every weekend
21.) Fist Fight: Yes

22.) First piercing: Ears
23.) First Best Friend:  When I was in a kindergarden type place
24.) First Instrument played: Acoustic Guitar
25.) First award: Can't remember
26.) First Crush: *look away*
27.) First Language: English
28.) First Big Vacation: St. Louis Six Flags

29.) Last Person you talked to: My siblings
30.) Last Person You Texted: No one, don't have a cell phone
31.) Last Person You Watched: Younger siblings
32.) Last Food You Ate: Potato chips
33.) Last Movie You Watched: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
34.) Last Song You listened to: Starlight by Muse
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Things for going to the beach
36.) Last Person You Hugged: Me mum

37.) Food: Pizza
38.) Drinks: Cola
39.) Clothing: OP
40.) Book: Warriors
41.) Colour: Orange and Purple
42.) Flower: Apple Blossoms
43.) Music: Muse
44.) Movie: The Hobbit series
46.) Subjects: History, Geography,

47.) [ ] Kissed in the rain
48.) [x] Celebrated Halloween.
49.) [x] Had Your Heart Broken
50.) [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51.) [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation. 
52.) [ ] Used a Weapon
53.) [ ] Breathed fire
 54.) [ ] Had an Abortion.
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted
56.) [] Broke a Promise (probably)
57.) [x] Kept a Secret
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy
59.) [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60.) [x] Pretended To Be Sick
61.) [x] Left The Country
62.) [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it
63.) [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64.) [ ] Ran a Mile
65.) [x] Went To the Beach
66.) [ ] Stayed Single *deep sigh*

67.) Eating: Nothing
68.) Drinking: Nothing
69.) Getting Ready To: Go to the beach
70.) Listening To: A game
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Go to work
72.) Waiting For: The Beach!

73.) Want Kids: Yes
74.) Want To Get Married: Yes
75.) Careers in minds: Dog Trainer and Manager

76.) Lips or Eyes: Eyes
77.) Shorter or Taller: Doesn't matter
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Doesn't matter
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Does it really matter?
80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Don't care
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: Hesitant

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yes, plenty of times
84.) Ran Away From home: Thought of it but never tried
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense:  No
86.) Killed Somebody: No
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: I've had my heart broken if that counts
88.) Been Arrested: No

90.) Yourself: Depends
91.) Miracles: Yes
92.) Love at First Sight: Kind of
93.) Heaven: Yes
94.) Santa Claus: Yes, don't judge me
96.) Magic: Yes

97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yes
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: More or less
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: Yes
100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five people: The following five have been chosen for the quest(it's optional though.)


  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: Warriors
  • Watching: Sleep
  • Playing: dA
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Oxygen


Ludwig Beilschmidt
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I love most anime and manga. I will accept anyone who wants a friend to be mine. I like that I am already having very great friends to talk to and also very fun groups to be in. I have so many fans for my art so I will work even harder. I will take request as long as I can do it.

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