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In the morning, I could tell Matthew was starting to getting hungry. He knew he had to wait until the
evening but his stomach kept growling and growling. "No," I heard him tell himself. "I can't eat until
the Big Dinner with the rest of the world." He knew that not everyone celebrated Thanksgiving but they
would come and enjoy the food. What I could tell he knew for sure was that his closest relatives would
be there. "{Name}? What should we do? Are you even awake {Name}?" Matthew asked. I just groaned to
tell him that I was awake. Matthew stood up and slightly stretched. I opened my eyes and said, "The
lights are to bright." "I can't help that {Name}. You have to get up anyway so you may as well just
get used to the light," Matthew responded. I relunctantly got up and yawned. "{Name}, what do you
think we should do now?" Matthew asked with a question in his eye. "I want to eat," I responded. "You
can't {Name}. We have the Big Dinner tonight," Matthew said. I groaned. I just wanted to eat but
according to Matthew, I couldn't until the Big Dinner. "Let's go back to sleep then," I said as laid
back down. Matthew just sighed. "{Name}, you can't always solve your problems by sleeping. You need to
get some exercise or something like that," Matthew said with a very slight annoyed tone. "Fine," I
said and got up. About four hours later, Matthew and I were on a walk when we saw Arthur. "Hello
Arthur," I said happily. "Ello love. What are you doing out this early?" Arthur asked as he was
watering his garden. "Matthew and I are going for a walk," I answered as I gestured toward Matthew.
"Just be careful," was all Arthur said as he continued to water his garden. "We will!" I called as
Matthew and I continued on. Five more hours had passed and it was almost time for the Big Dinner.
Matthew had just made his Rappie Pie. He made it with potatoes, chicken, and other ingredients. He was
very proud when he made it even though it looked a bit nasty to me. I couldn't get the heart to tell
him that though. He asked me to try some before we left. I took a bite and it actually turned out
pretty great. "It's delicious!" I said and smiled widely. Matthew headed to the place where they would
have the Big Dinner. I followed after and had gifts for everyone. I hoped everyone was there. It took
us two hours to get there. It was almost time for the Dinner to start anyway. I handed the gifts to
everyone who was there just as they were bringing their own food in. They were all surprised that I
had given them gifts. Usually no one gives gifts on Thanksgiving but I did just because I wanted to.
First ones I saw were Alfred, Arthur, Francis, Yao, and Ivan. Matthew smiled and put his Rappie Pie
down. "This is going to be great!" Matthew said to me and I couldn't help but smile. I was glad to be
here with Matthew. He was the best Thanksgiving present to me ever. "Thanks Matthew," I said and gave
him a suprise kiss on the cheek. Matthew just blushed and I just couldn't help but at least giggle.
This was the best Thanksgiving ever!
Sweet Devil! England (Finished) by APHzombieGermany
Sweet Devil! England (Finished)
I am done with it! I don't care if it looks different from most other sweet devil England pictures, this is how I see him. Don't judge me.

England belongs to the creator of Hetalia.
"Matthew..." a voice said quietly. "Matthew!" A British man woke the Canadian up just as he was
dreaming. He opened his eyes to see Arthur standing by his bedside. "Where am I?" the Canadian named
Matthew asked. "You're in the hospital. You got into a wreck," Arthur said with slight worry in his
tone. "Is the other person okay?" Matthew asked, worried for his brother, Alfred. "Yes, but you were
injured pretty badly. Some of your ribs and your left leg are broken," Arthur said. "When did this
happen?" Matthew asked. "Two days ago," was Arthur's reply. Matthew had no words now. He was just
surprised he made it through the wreck. "How am I still alive?" Matthew asked. Arthur didn't answer at
first. Then after a few minutes of silence, the doctor came in, which his name was Vladimir. Doctor
Vladimir was just known as Dr. Vlad. He was a red-headed, red-eyed man. "I see you awake now," Dr.
Vlad said a bit happily with a foreign accent. Matthew just nodded. Arthur looked at Dr. Vlad for a
moment as if saying something to him without actually saying it. Dr. Vlad nodded and Arthur left.
"Your brother be fine. He in other room," Dr. Vlad said. "I want to see him," Matthew demanded. "Not
yet. You're still in recovery," Dr. Vlad responded. "When can I then?" Matthew asked, a bit upset that
he could not yet see his brother. "When you be full health," Dr. Vlad answered. "And when would that
be?" Matthew asked demandingly. "When you be," was all Dr. Vlad answered.

A few days had passed and Matthew was still in the hospital. He couldn't move out of the bed so no one
was allowed to see him for a couple of hours. He was thinking to himself when he heard something from
outside. He wanted to get out of his bed to see what the noise was but he just couldn't. Then he heard
it again. It was a voice calling him. "Mattie. What's taking so long to heal? You should've been out
already." an obnoxious voice yelled. Matthew just had to respond from the bed, "I still have two
broken ribs and my leg isn't healing like it should." "You just can't stay cooped up in there the rest
of your life though. Come on! Come out of the hospital so we can play again like we used to," the
voice responded. Then Matthew knew who it was. It was his brother, Alfred. Matthew couldn't help but
smile at the thought of seeing Alfred again. "Hey Al? Why don't you ask if you can come see me?"
Matthew asked him. "Alright. I'll be there in a few moments," Alfred responded then Matthew heard a
click of a door from the front lobby. Matthew waited and waited. Alfred didn't show up for quite a
while now. Matthew wondered if he couldn't come visit and slightly started to cry.

An hour had passed and Matthew was asleep. The door to his room clicked while he was asleep and he
heard a voice once again. "Matthew, wake up dude. I'm here now. The Hero is here," Alfred said calmly.
Matthew woke up at the sound of his voice and slightly smiled. Alfred was sitting there next to
Matthew's bedside and was smiling as well. "I'm here dude. I'm so glad you're alright. That was one
heck of a wreck," Alfred said with a slight sound of sadness. "I'm fine Al. Just a few more days and
I will be out of here," Matthew said. "You better live," Alfred said. "I promise I will. I won't break
my promise to my brother," Matthew said. Alfred smiled as widely as he could ever smile.

Three days have passed and Alfred had been visiting Matthew everyday whenever he could. But the fourth
day, Alfred didn't show up. Matthew felt alone. "I promise I will," were the words stuck in Matthew's
mind the entire time Alfred showed up when he did. A tragedy hit. The fourth day was dreadful. Matthew
started to have a twitch everywhere in his body and it hurt him so much. Dr. Vladimir came in and
couldn't do anything but watch as Matthew was twitching to his death. Then all went quiet. Matthew
stopped moving. His body became cold and his hands were at his heart. His expression was blank. He did
not move at all except for his mouth. His last words were "I promised but failed."

The next day, Alfred came to the hospital. Dr. Vladimir looked dreaded to see him there. "Mr. Alfred,
I am sorry. Matthew did not make it," Dr. Vladimir said sadly. "But he promised he would make it!"
Alfred yelled. "He said he would be back in a few days!" Alfred started crying. "I'm sorry Mr. Alfred.
We try everything we could do but nothing helped," Dr. Vlad said sadly. Alfred then planned out
Matthew's funeral. It went on and many people came. The ones who cried were Alfred (America), Arthur
(England), Francis (France), Gilbert (Prussia), and Anthony (Cuba). Of coarse, Alfred was Matthew's
brother, Arthur was a caretaker of Matthew's, Francis was Matthew's father, Gilbert was Matthew's best
friend, and Anthony was a great friend to Matthew.

A few years had passed and Alfred was sitting alone at the park that him and Matthew would always go
to when they were young. Alfred noticed no change since the last time he's been to this park. He
looked to his side, expecting to see Matthew sitting with him but no one was there. Alfred thought to
himself for a moment. Then he thought he heard Matthew's voice say, "I promise." He smiled and started
crying. "I promise," Alfred repeated and walked home alone.


Matthew was watching as Alfred went home and he smiled. "Have a good life Al." He followed Alfred
without letting Alfred see him. Alfred was just smiling and crying while walking home. "Don't worry
Al. I am with you," Matthew said even though Alfred couldn't hear him. When Alfred got home, he went
to cook something but wasn't hungry. This was unusual for Alfred. Matthew said into Alfred's ear,
"Don't worry. I am always with you." Alfred turned around but saw nothing. "I guess I should continue
my life for Matt," he said to himself.

Many years later, Alfred was organizing through his things and found an old family photo. It had
Francis, Arthur, Alfred, and Matthew grouped together. Alfred started to cry when he saw this photo.
He was sure that Matthew was watching him now because he had almost died himself before something
pushed him out of the way of a fast moving bus. He couldn't help but think of all the great times he
had with Matthew. He started crying even more when he thought of his brother. Alfred went through
more of his things and found one of Matthew's favorite toys from when they were younger. The thought
of playing with his brother again was amazing to Alfred. He rummaged through his things even more
until he found a photo of him and Matthew smiling and dressing up as each other. Alfred choked up a
sob for as long as he could but couldn't hold it for very long. The whole time this was happening,
Matthew just watched. "I know you're there Matt. I want you back here with me. I will see you if you
don't come back," Alfred said, looking up. Matthew smiled and flew back up to watch him as Alfred's
guardian angel.
Matthew's Tragedy
I was feeling upset today so I wrote this. This is what I feel like when I have nothing to do and am sad.

Hetalia does not belong to me.

All the characters belong to the creator of Hetalia.
No Light Without Darkness by APHzombieGermany
No Light Without Darkness
I drew this when I was upset one day and I never had the chance to post it.
Today is March 28 and it has been so long since I've posted a journal entry. Well anyway, I'm working on old drawing request that I still need to finish... I'm so sorry that it is taking so long! I've been so busy with school and things like that and some of you should understand with school.
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Ludwig Beilschmidt
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I love most anime and manga. I will accept anyone who wants a friend to be mine. I like that I am already having very great friends to talk to and also very fun groups to be in. I have so many fans for my art so I will work even harder. I will take request as long as I can do it.

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